Area Writer David Powell Celebrates Three Day Writing Streak

Data shows this new writer to be nothing if not prolific.

  • Southern California’s up and coming wordsmith David Powell today hits a personal record of three consecutive days of writing.
  • In total, Powell has typed over 1,000 words in his colossal 3 days of literary work.
  • “I feel like a hundred bucks, and I can definitely see this streak continuing,” Powell said.

Los Angeles, CA — Today LA-based writer David Powell has completed a 3-day writing streak. The young writer penned at least 1,000 words in his three days of literary struggle, and it looks like nothing will stop him.

“Basically, I woke up one morning and drank enough coffee to kill a 1950s sportswriter. After that, the words just kind of came to me. I just decided to do it every morning and here we are, three days later. Wow.” said a visibly stoked Powell.

While he has been writing for years, this streak comes out of a lengthy slump for Powell. Many have remarked that while David Powell is excellent with words, he is rarely found writing those words down. In answer to those haters, Powell came out swinging with this astounding three-day streak.

“It’s fucking crazy. We’re very proud of him.” Powell’s dog Bree said of the streak.

Today marks an achievement not just for David Powell, but for all people who call themselves writers yet never seem to be writing.

“I never meant to inspire other struggling writers, but I can definitely see this doing that,” Powell said of the three day streak. “I was never looking for recognition or awards, but I’ll probably get them anyway.”

David Powell is an out of work bartender (NOT a Mixologist ’cause fuck that term), poet, and journal keeper. He has started writing more and more and will soon be among the more prolific content crafters on the world wide web.


bartender & writer developing into a well-adjusted person. 26. Los Angeles.

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